Dental Implants 

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Missing teeth can mean uncomfortable eating and social anxiety, here at Prettygate Dental we provide Dental Implant treatments that are permanent, realistic and functional, designed for your comfort. 

Nobel BiocareWhy dental implants?

Nobel Biocare

An implant is a permanent treatment solution to replacing missing teeth and gaps, restoring your confidence, chewing ability and most importantly your wonderful smile!

Nobel Biocare was formed in 1978 and specialise in osseointegration, (connection between living bone and implants).

Here in Colchester, we use this specific product as Nobel Biocare is one of the biggest industry leaders in implant technology and has patient comfort at its core.

Why dental implants you ask?

For patients who have lost their teeth, everyday actions like eating and smiling can become difficult. With our extensive range of bone and tissue level dental implants, we can adjust each implant to your specific mouth ensuring the comfort and feel of the implant are perfect.

The quality and build material of these implants often mean that just like normal teeth, implants can survive a lifetime. This is dependent on factors such as your oral hygiene routine and smoking.
Due to the resilient nature of these implants, we even include a ten-year warranty.

We are currently offering our consultation with our Colchester based expert Dr.Brarry for as little as £49.50. If you decide to go ahead with the procedure with us we’ll even take that fee off your final bill!

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Our guide is aimed at taking you through the process, giving you all the information you may need before undertaking the treatment. 

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